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Our commons, future, & forests are up for grabs

Compensatory afforestation in its current form is an irresponsible and flawed attempt to greenwash destructive projects and profit off of so-called 'restoration.' 


Balibo Plantation
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Green land grab

Forest-dwelling communities face double dispossession under compensatory afforestation: first, when their customary forests are diverted for development projects, and again, when plantations to offset the forest diversion are set up on their lands.
The forest department will need millions of acres of 'wasteland' and 'degraded land' for tree plantation in the coming years.
Who will lose their land in the name of 'offsetting' harm elsewhere? Why not just stop deforestation at its source?
These interactive maps contain satellite imagery obtained from the MoEFCC's e-Greenwatch website, of 17 plantation sites representing the major violations due to CA.
The time-lapse imagery shows CA plantations are:
1) Set up on lands which were previously under cultivation, habitation or for common use, suggesting violations of FRA and Atrocities Act.
2) Set up on areas which were previously, or continue to be, dense natural forests.
Kalyan Verma,

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From the Comptroller and Auditor General of India, to hundreds of grama sabhas, to civil society scholars and ecologists, compensatory afforestation has been criticised heavily. But at the same time, community efforts for genuine forest regeneration are springing up across the country.
Here you can find resources from a variety of sources to learn more about ecological restoration efforts in India - and recommendations for what should be done by the MOEFCC to actually 'green' India.


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